Excel to Zerodha Order Placing Tool


How to pay in USDT please read this article.

After payment, you can download the Zip File on our page and through an email sent to your email account.

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Placed Order From MS Excel to Zerodha Kite using python and get live tick data in excel from Zerodha Kite to MS Excel, get Holding & Position live data in excel, get bhavcopy from NSE website.

  • No requirement Kite Connect API Rs 2000/- per month & historical API additional Rs 2000/- per month
  • Get live data from kite website to excel
  • Get holding & position data to excel
  • Place order with 3/4 seconds
  • No requirement coding knowledge
  • Get BHAVCOPY data
  • Add symbol in watchlist
  • Automatically place orders at specific time EX. 9:30:00
  • Not get historical data like minute, hourly, daily, monthly
  • No filter data in excel
  • Logout when login from another pc or other browser
  • 50 stock data at a time
  • open=low & open=high
  • gap up and gap down strategy
  • previous day high/low breakout strategy
  • Pivot Point support resistance
  • volume increase

system requirement

  • windows 10/11 64 bit
  • Latest version of google chrome and same version of chrome driver


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